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Film and Animation production

Lama Pictures is an animation and film production company based in Athens. The vision of the artists behind the company is to make unique films with a distinct identity. We approach each script with love and respect. We turn the impossible into possible, so that the director’s vision comes true.

We successfully undertake the center stage of the production – the script cost analysis – making use of  the great experience we have in the cinema venue. We can easily find efficient budgeting solutions and our company’s policy is total transparency. We also undertake the production preparation, as our main belief is that the preparation is the beginning for any great story.

We have partnered up with the top local film crews, all fluent in English, and experienced in working with large – scale productions. We are always looking for the best possible equipment and offer a variety of film equipment packages and facilities.

The filming spaces should always be the most fitting for the creator’s story. Regarding the locations, we have a developed network within Greece at the creator’s disposal, while we are always eager to find new shooting spaces, making sure that all necessary permissions are obtained for both indoor and outdoor shootings.

For a story to be told the best way it could be, the right people are needed to incarnate the roles. That’s why we are in close collaboration with the top local casting directors and casting agencies.

Last but not least, we undertake the post production with the top collaborators in Greece. Editing, 2D and 3D animation, colour grading, sound design, sound mixing, voice over recording.

We turn dreams into images and images into stories!

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Our Production Services


Planning and budgeting

Our services range from planning and budgeting to production preparation
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Crews and Equipment

We can bring together the best crew and by using top of the art equipment we can ensure the success for every production
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Location Scouting

An extensive network of location specialists can find the perfect spot for your productions
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